Evan B. Harris : Songwriter and Artist

Born in the late 70’s, Evan’s hippie father split early, leaving him with his free-spirited mother whose deep connection to her Native American heritage was a defining influence on his life. They lived like gypsies, ran with biker gangs and embodied the outlaw lifestyle - drugs, parties and prison stints. They spent time living in abandoned gold mining towns in the Sierra Nevada’s as well as Indian Reservations where Evan felt distinctly out of place with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He asserts, “I found solace in my imagination, expressing myself through drawings and would give them away to other kids to dispel the tension.”

Harris landed in Portland as a young man and spent a good two decades as an illustrator. “I was fumbling around, drinking too much, staying up late and running around with the wrong women” he reflects. He started to get ill and his artwork reflected his disease, with paintings of characters whose transparent skin revealed their bones and arteries like roots on a tree. He ended up in the hospital with a life-threatening shingles outbreak that debilitated his right eye. “Since I could no longer paint my visions due to temporary blindness, I had to find another way to express myself. A crow came to me in my dreams and said, ‘get your grandfather’s guitar and sing your song!”. Evan's Music was born in the moment, and while Harris’ eye did eventually heal, his ghostly folk art continued to go hand in hand with his new music.


Demos of Original Songs Written by Evan B. Harris


Art By Evan. B Harris